Protect Your Business Website

Site Protection from AUB Design provide your site with the strongest level. Our Site Protection service will help you your website from malware, virus.


$99 /Year

  • Single Domain
  • Domain Validation
  • Medium Assurance
  • 256-bit Encryption
  • Instant Activation – 10,000 Warranty

Premium + EV

$250 /Year

  • Single Domain
  • Strongest Encryption + EV Bar
  • High Anti-Fraud Assurance
  • 256-bit Strong Encryption
  • Official Site Seal – 1,750,000 Warranty – 3-5 Days Activation


$700 /Year

  • Any Single Domain + All Sub-domains
  • Strongest Encryption
  • High Anti-Fraud Assurance
  • 256-bit Strongest Encryption
  • Official Site Seal – 250,000 Warranty – Instant Activation

Cloud Hosting

$29.99 /Month

What is Site Protection?

Site Protections protects a business website and its data from hackers, malware, virus and unethical approach. Website security is about to secure a website from hacking activities that will damage your data.So you need to protect your business website from hacking activities.

Why do I need Site Protection?

The Internet is now a used as best medium for commerce and business opportunities. If you are getting high growth then it is also about to security risk increases. To run business successfully you need to harden the web structure. Site Protection services will help you to get far from hacking activities. We provide wide variety of site protection services that will run your business website in long run against hacking activities and also from virus attacks. We provide Site Protection service having most robust features to make your website more secure.

Services and Solutions

Our Site Protection service secures websites, web applications, software against denial-of-service attacks, website data compromise.