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Why Choose Google Listing

Based on our G-Boost Google submission research and development, the vast majority of web pages will be included in the main search engine results pages of Google within 48 hours of service completion. And the good news is that G-Boost Google submission is totally within the best practice guidelines set out by Google, so there’s no chance of being penalized.

What Special Features We Provide

We’ve recently enhanced our G-Boost Google submission service to provide 48 hour Google Inclusion at no extra cost. Order G-Boost Google submission now and get your website included in less than 48 hours from service completion!

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Google Listing

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with Google listing?

AUB Design will provide you with a keyword analysis report outlining the Google search volume for each keyword provided during the ordering process. The report will also show related terms and the search volume for each.

Once these keywords have been identified we will create an optimized Meta Tags (Title, Description and Keyword tags) plus optimize your Alt and Text tags on your webpage. We will then build 30 manual directory submissions and 10 guaranteed social media links using the Keywords we identified.

Each month you continue using G-Boost Pro, AUB design will build 30 additional manual directory submissions and 10 guaranteed social media links.

I received my Google listing report, what do I do with it?

In order to get the full benefits of our professional optimization you must upload the changes we have proposed.

What is keyword targeted link?

These are back links to your website from a variety of sites and include social bookmarking links, article links and social networking links. Most sites offer Do-Follow back links that can assist with your website rankings.

Do you guarantee I will be ranking on top of Google?

Google listing does not guarantee any position or Google ranking.