Inbound Link Building

Great Links Without Lifting A Finger

Have you ever wished that you could have your brand mentioned by the largest national, regional and digital publishers? Who wouldn’t? Not only do these brand mentions drive traffic and build awareness of your brand, but they also improve your ranking in search engines like Google.
Here at AUB Design, we have spent years cultivating relationships with publishers that include National newspapers, Regional publishers, Local websites and Digital Publishers (magazines, newspapers, blogs).
With access to those kind of resources, we’ve helped companies in dozens of industries to buy editorial links high in quality that grow their audience and increase traffic.


All-encompassing link building

Links are still huge in search. Search engines may be more savvy about what constitutes a great site, but a strong link profile is the vote of confidence you can’t do without.

Improve Your Rankings

Our industry relationships allow us to build backlinks from some of the largest brands on the web.

Grow Your Audience

We build partnerships with brands that publish content directly for your ideal clients.

Increase Your Revenue

Your published content will increase traffic and result in real sales that boost revenue quickly.

Build Your Awareness

Seeing your brand mentioned within great content will help you stick in the minds of prospects.

Choose Plan


Choose from our competitive plans and we will take care of everything.




Manual Submission to 20 directories

7 days delivery

Professionally written descriptions

White label ready




Manual Submission to 30 directories

10 days delivery

Professionally written descriptions

White label ready




Manual Submission to 30 directories

13 days delivery

Professionally written descriptions

White label ready


Our Simple 5-Step Link Building Process

Identify Content

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Find Publisher


Ideation & Pitching


Content Creation

Premium Inbound Link Building Done For Your Business

Our hands-free approach makes building high quality links simple, while still giving you complete control over how your brand is portrayed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you part of a “link ring” of low quality websites?

Our link building practices are probably the most practical ethical way of building links. We approach each website individually, liaising with the website owner or webmaster. We do not build links using rings, links farms or “black hat” methods on low quality sites which have a high turn-over of links (high link drop off), list high numbers of links per page or use copied/low quality content. The websites on which we will procure links for your campaign are real sites with original content with reasonable back link profiles.

We ensure that the page your link is on meets our specification and quality standards, with a maximum of just 15 theme links. Your link is relevant to the context of the page on which it is being placed, adding value to the page and a genuine human page reader. With the maximum of 15 links per page, naturally worked into the page – rather than just listing huge numbers of links at the bottom, the page does not look like a link resource but more so an information page with a helpful number of related links. In all aspects, we try to keep your campaign as natural as possible – that’s what Google likes and it works!

Can you supply me consistent, reliable links EVERY month?

Yes! You will not see your campaigns start with the highest quality links that rapidly go downhill. Your links at the end of the campaign will be of the same quality as your links at the beginning. Your link reports will be on-time and accurate, every time . We will also brand the link reports with your logo and style so you can pass on directly to your client.

What is the drop-off rate of the links?

The link drop-off rate is the lowest in the industry. The age of a link is an extremely important ranking factor when Google assesses backlink weight for a particular website. Each link that is built continues to gain importance and drive rankings continuously for the target website.

How many links can you build me – is there an upper limit?

As rough figure, we recommend building links from up to 60 unique domains in any given month. If required and requested, we can build several links per referring website, provided the links point to different URLs and target different keyphrases.

This is however a guide figure. High traffic, authoritative and trusted sites could build well above this figure, providing the ramp up was sensible especially if they already had a maintained history of attracting a high number of links per month – of course whilst maintaining a natural link profile.

Can you give me an idea of what type of sites you’ll get links on?

The sites obviously meet the minimum spec for the type of like you are getting – but in reality, some websites are really great and others aren’t so great – that’s only natural. In addition to the standard spec, all of the sites should be SEO friendly, penalty free, have original content, use a variety of link variations and have a reasonable inbound link weight.

What’s the turnaround times for completing these links?

That can be up to you. For smaller quantities we can place as quickly as 7 days. For larger orders we recommend building them gradually over 25-30 days.